Mark Wade has officially opened day two of the conVENTion. First up this morning – Steve Axtell’s lecture: “Creative Ideas To Reinvent Your Show” 

Here is a brief teaser video from Steve:

I don’t have any lecture note information from Steve yet – he wanted to make sure the first to get the information were at the ConVENTion. (Hey they traveled to Kentucky and spent their money to attend, so it is only right.) BUT – I’m sure if you contact Steve at Axtell Expressions next week, they can give you all the details.

One thing that stood out when I saw the video was he mentioned SWOT – which is something I covered in my Kindle Book: Creative Content 101. It was written to help people create original content for online courses and information products, but the techniques were originally used to create original content for shows! At only $2.99, it is a great read to spark your creativity! Check it out by clicking this link:

Plus, comment below on ideas you’ve had to reinvent your show. Who knows, maybe the HomeVENTioneers will spark each other’s creativity!