It is 10:30 PM here in Kentucky and the dealers rooms are open again! The Vent Haven ConVENTion’s theme for this year is “Let’s Build A Show”. Tonight I wanted to carry that theme into our dealer’s room.

An important aspect of building your show is eliminating the slow parts to hone your routines for greater impact with an audience. To do that, we highly recommend you consider getting a video camera to record practices, rehearsals and shows. Click this link to find a Video Camera in your budget.

A video camera not only allows you to tune your show, but also helps you capture footage that can be edited to create a demo reel. A good demo reel helps sell your show. So a video camera is a great investment in your art!

Below are some simple magic tricks you can incorporate with your puppets to build routines:

All of these items are considered one handed magic tricks that can be performed with a puppet. I use the stiff rope in almost every show. Steve Petra brought sponge eggs and sponge bananas to life in his tutorial DVD’s. Magician’s rope is great for one handed knots and tug or war with your character. The Vernet Thumb Writer allows you to do mentalism with your puppet.

Finally, I encourage you to take a look at sound equipment. It is important that the audience can hear you clearly. I’ve included some links to some different systems you may enjoy learning about:

Tomorrow things kick off at 9:00 AM – see you then!