I’ve been corresponding with course member Karim Ibrahim who is having some trouble finding a voice for his character. That seems to be a subject that comes up a lot, although I cover the topic in my five free ventriloquism lessons.

Karim shared:

Quite enjoyable even though I have failed miserably at getting a second voice 🙁

My response:

You will find it – keep playing with the musical scales and variations of voice, airy, raspy, accent, etc. It helps to have the character in mind when playing. Some puppets you look at and just hear the voice, then try to mimic. Others take awhile. You can do it!

Karim replied:

Will keep on trying, end of the day it will a bulldog with a similar deep voice… 🙂

Then it dawned on me, similar voices can be changed another way:

If the voice to too similar to your ear, try making the character louder and you talk a bit softer. That also creates the illusion of two distinct voices.

If you have problems creating a distinct voice, play with the level instead of the tone. You might end up with a perfect contrast. (I always advise making the character louder than you are.)[divider_bar]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_bar]

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